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Making Sports Sponsorship Worth It

Sports sponsorship offers a unique opportunity for brands to reach highly engaged audiences. It is a brand communications platform that can be brought to life across a broad range of consumer touchpoints, with the right activation.

Well-activated sponsorships deliver more significant returns on investment as well as better alignment with a sponsor brand and higher engagement with its target audiences leading to more pronounced business benefits.

Sponsorship can be an effective tool for businesses in any stage of their evolution.

It offers new and established brands both exposure to , and the opportunity to target , audiences engaged in things they love.

With smart activation, creativity and channel planning we can deliver a sponsorship campaign that really stands out.

  • Brands can use sports sponsorship effectively, by boosting exposure and awareness via high-profile media rights
  • Demonstrating a positive role in society, by creating community programmes that can engage audiences that are hard to reach by other means.
  • Access to sporting talent that can be used to create marketing collateral and content that can be distributed across multiple channels,
  • Rights to use your logos on a Sportspersons kit & gear and promotions can be a key differentiator.
  • Integrating sponsorship assets such as tickets, merchandise or money-can’t-buy experiences with athletes into your Dealer and Customer Relationship programmes can achieve higher levels of loyalty, brand consideration and advocacy.
How we make Sponsorship work for you The success of any sponsorship is dependent on a rigorous strategic planning process to ensure effective targeting; the selection of appropriate properties, creative, compelling and well resourced activation programs and a commitment to evaluation and feedback.   Our services:
  • Analyse if the Sportsperson / Property can be aligned to an effective and authentic role for the brand.
  • We will help corporates negotiate rights fees, inventory and term .
  • Will help you design a multi-channel communications programme to engage & target audiences and compel action
  • Help brands develop insights about those audiences and their relationship with the sport
  • We will help company’s in streamlining the process
  • Monitor progress , Suggest course corrections
  • Collect feedback from stakeholders,
  • Tracking Audience attention and response
  • Recommending celebrities and influencers
  • Provide solutions for emerging issues 

We have on our roster both upcoming ( Juniors too) and established Nationally Ranked Sportsmen , Sportswomen & Sports Teams. Opportunities available in Athletics, Sailing,Hockey, Football, Car racing , Motorcycle racing, Motorcycle supercross etc

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